30T Chaser Bin Scale Kit

Our 30T kit is rated for a gross chaser bin mass of 30,000kg. Typically suited to smaller single axle bins. Kits start at $4,000 + GST for the load cells & basic indicator with no mounting hardware.

Alternatively we can supply a complete turnkey kit with load cells, brackets, fasteners & installation instructions

We offer 2 main types of scale kits for grain carts, either the “Stub Axle Kit” or a “Universal Load Cell Kit”, selecting the kit which best suits your needs depends on the make & model of your bin, number of axles, and workshop facilities available for the retrofit. Either of these configurations can be coupled to a basic hardwired indicator (Avery Weigh-Tronix 640M) or the full featured Agrimatics wireless indicator.


This kit replaces the existing stub axles with stub axles that have built in load cell sensors these are then coupled with a tow hitch that also has a load cell sensor to isolate the chaser bin chassis/body on 3 point weighing system. This is a particularly easy conversion if the bin has been built with removable stub axles.


This kit suspends the chassis/bin above the axle or axles and the chassis/body is then mounted back onto the axle or axles through 2 universal load cells, this configuration is then also coupled with a tow hitch that also includes a load cell sensor to isolate the chaser bin chassis/body on the 3 point weighing system.


Depending on the model of bin you are trying to upgrade will depend on the level of equipment & skills required to retrofit your bin. Whatever your situation we have installation instructions to assist in the changeover. The image below gives an indication of the detail you can expect to receive.