Agrimatics Libra Cart

Our full featured indicator. The Argimatics Libra Cart is a full featured wireless indicator specifically designed for chaser bins. The indicator is displayed as an app on both apple and android devices, the app is free to download from the iTunes store and Google Play.

App Features

   Automatic Unload Detection The Libra app automatically detects and records how much grain has been unloaded from your cart.

     Unlimited Remotes Every paired mobile device within range of the Libra Cart device can view live weights. Calibrate the yield monitor right from the combine.

     Data Sharing Harvest data can be shared through email and through Aero to keep data secure and provide access from anywhere.

   Display Smoothing Display Smoothing stabilizes weights when driving over rough terrain.

    Track Field, Truck, Destination and Commodity The Libra app allows you to create an unlimited number of fields, trucks, destinations and commodities.

    Log Transfer Locations If your mobile device supports GPS, Libra Cart automatically records the location of each load.

    Configurable Units You can choose to display the weights in pounds (lb), kilograms (kg) or bushels (bu).

    Manage Your Data Libra Cart makes editing your data simple. Details are easily edited right in the app to correct mistakes or add notes.

Hardware Features

    Easy Install Libra Cart mounts directly onto your grain cart and connects to industry-standard load cells through the junction box.

    Wireless Libra Cart wirelessly communicates with the Libra app, so there are no cables between the tractor and the grain cart.

    Battery-operated Libra Cart is very energy efficient and outlasts the harvest season for most farms on a single battery (3.6V AA lithium).

    Weatherproof Libra Cart is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and high vibrations.

    Over-the-air-updates You can update the software from your mobile device, so you can always take advantage of the latest features.

    Remote Diagnostics Libra is designed to just work. If problems do arise, remote diagnostic capabilities help us get you running.