Chaser Bin Scales

Hawk Engineering has teamed up with Avery Weigh-Tronix,Digi-Star (Topcon) , and Agrimatics, all renowned businesses in chaser bin weighing in North America to bring this technology to the Australian market. We have engineered a range of retrofit kits to adapt this technology to fit most makes and models of chasers bins manufactured here in Australia. The basic principle is to isolate & support the chaser bin on scales or better known as load cells. For more information on how it works

Chaser bin scales are now more than just a basic set of scales, they can now provide farmers with vital information while handling grain at harvest. If your chaser bin scales are equipped with an Agrimatic “Libra Cart”  Indicator you will be able to do the following,

  • Load Trucks to the correct legal weight. Truck capacity is per-set & indicator shows when truck is full
  • Automatically record transactions with the “Automatic Unload Detection” feature
  • Record accumulative totals for an unlimited number of the following,
    • Paddocks (Track paddock totals, could be from multiple headers)
    • Trucks (Know who is carting your grain & how much)
    • Destinations (know how much grain is stored where)
    • Commodities (different grains & varieties)
  • Record location of grain transfer if the device is GPS enabled
  • Display information on an unlimited number of tablets or smartphones. (Such as chaser bin driver, header driver, truck driver, etc.)
  • Access this information instantly anywhere when using “Agrimatics Aero” cloud based data storage, allowing you to monitor your operation from anywhere
  • Data viewed in “Aero Desktop” web based application or manipulate the data in a spreadsheet program