Feed Mixer Scales

Hawk Engineering has teamed up with Avery Weigh-Tronix, Digi-Star(Topcon), and Agrimatics, all renowned businesses in agricultural weighing equipment in North America to bring this technology to the Australian market. We have engineered a range of retrofit kits to adapt this technology to fit most makes and models of feed mixers. The basic principle is to isolate & support the mixer body on scales or better known as load cells. For more information on how it works.

Feed mixer scales are now more than just a basic set of scales, they can now provide farmers with vital information & records of feed rations. The Agrimatics “Libra TMR”  Indicator for example provides a revolutionary design that delivers a smart and simple way to build and manage your rations, pens, and feed groups. The Agrimatics “Libra TMR” boasts the following features.

  Simplified Ration Management – Precisely track each ingredient in the mixer and what has been fed to each pen in a feed group.

  Resize – Automatically adjust a ration’s batch size based on any loaded ingredient.

  Mixer Timer – Set a custom timer after each ingredient and after the entire ration has been loaded.

  Weighback – Track feed refusal by loading it back into the mixer as part of the next ration, accounting for each ingredient.

  Feedings – Divide rations into multiple feedings per day (Ex. Morning 50%, Evening 50%).

  Unlimited Remote Displays – View and tare live weights from multiple mobile devices within 400 feet of the mixer.

  Feed Adjustment – Adjust the lb/head for a specific pen in a feed group without having to create a new ration.

  Dry Matter/As Fed – Set the app to build and feed rations on a dry-matter or wet-weight basis.

  Bunk Reading – Enter an amount from a specific pen to subtract from the next load, to account for feed refusal.

  Data Sharing – Share TMR data through email and open with standard spreadsheet software. Cloud support through Agrimatics Aero coming soon!

We offer both 30T kits and 15T kits with a wide range of mounting hardware to suit most makes & models of mixers. Feel free to send us photos of your mixer via our CONTACT  page so we can recommend the appropriate kit. For details on our mixer indicators go to our Indicators page.


This kit suspends the chassis/bin above the axle or axles and the chassis/body is then mounted back onto the axle or axles through 2 or 4 universal load cells, this configuration is then also coupled with a tow hitch that also includes a load cell sensor to isolate the mixer chassis/body on the 3 or 5 point weighing system.